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The internet has transformed modern life, providing faster communication and unlimited access to information and services. However, internet has also created new opportunities for online offenders and child abusers. Therefore, without the use of appropriate protective measures, many children remain exposed to various online threats, such as cyber violence, pornography or access to other harmful materials.

It is crucial that parents, together with their children, establish rules for safe and age appropriate internet usage and how children should behave responsibly. By working together, both parents and children benefit more from the use of the internet and, at the same time, minimize the threats that children may be exposed to when using the internet in an unsafe way.

It is also paramount that future generations feel safe online in order to take better advantage of the technological development and progress. When it comes to online child safety, it is vital to talk openly with children about the risks and dangers related to unsafe internet use. This way, parents will learn how to avoid or counter the risks that may threaten their children online.

The key goal of this website is to raise public awareness about children’s online behaviours, in the hope that children are kept safe from the dangers of the internet, most commonly manifested as bullying, pornography, cyber crime, exposure to problematic and illegal content and other potential risks. Additionally, this site also provides information and advice intended to increasechildren’s awareness aboutonline safety, information about potential risks that children may encounter while online, and tips and guidance on how children can avoid thesethreats before they turn into serious problems.

We are committed to help children, parents, teachers and all Kosovan citizens to learn more about online safety issues. Through our activities, we hope to inform the wider public about the dangers of the internet and provide solutions to keeping children as safe as possible online. Within the framework of various projects, we have developed information materials (guides, brochures, etc.) aimed at making children, parents and teachers more aware and teach them how to be safe when they are online,and about safety and ethics principles and organize seminars to raise awareness amongst children on how they can stay safe while online and be cautious about potential online dangers.

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